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Thank you for helping to make our region a great place to walk and bike!

Participate - Help make the Pikes Peak area a better place to walk and bike

Thank you for providing input on the Regional Nonmotorized Transportation System Plan. We received over 100 comments and are appreciative to all that took time to review the Plan..

Thanks to those of you who shared your feedback at the April 22 and April 23 meetings and throughout the comment period. The Documentation page includes all of the public meeting materials, including a video of the presentation and question/answer session. It also includes the Regional Nonmotorized Transportation Plan, draft nonmotorized plans for El Paso County and Woodland Park, and a new study that describes the impact of bicycling on the regionís local economy.

Help shape the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). This was just one of several opportunities to provide input into the Moving Forward 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, which guides the regionís auto, bicycle, bus, and pedestrian and funding through 2040. In May, the Regional Transit and Specialized Transportation Plans were available for public input and the entire Regional Transportation Plan is expected to be released in September. Check for updates, and get involved. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter at #2040Plan.

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The comment period for the Regional Nonmotorized Transportation System Plan has closed. If you have any questions, please submit them along with your e-mail address using the comment form below.

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